Rams running back Tre Mason arrested in Hollywood

Charges include possession of cannabis, reckless driving

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Los Angeles Rams running back Trence "Tre" Mason was arrested Saturday by the Hollywood Police Department.

Twelve grams of marijuana were found inside the 22-year-old's car, according to police. He was also stunned with a Taser gun during his encounter with law enforcement. 

Mason, who has a home in Delray Beach, was arrested about 5:30 p.m. in front of the Diplomat Landing, 3200 S. Ocean Drive, in Hollywood.

At the time, he was driving a 2011 Porsche at about 75 mph in a 35 mph zone when he swerved across two lanes of traffic to avoid an accident, according to a report.

Mason was on his cellphone when he was pulled over after a short chase and began recording his interaction with the officer, according to police. 

"I told the defendant he could record me, but he would still eventually have to produce his license," the report said. "The defendant stated he didn't have it." 

Mason then shook his head no when the officer asked him for his name, and continued to smirk at the officer when he asked if he had any other identification on him, the report said.

When the officer asked Mason to spell his first name, he replied with "T-R-E-N-C," the report said. He then spelled his last name, "M-A."

The officer then turned off the ignition and told Mason to get out of the vehicle after he continued to refuse to give any identifying information, police said.

When the officer attempted to arrest Mason, according to the report, Mason "tensed his arms and straightened his body as he used the floor, steering wheel and seat to brace himself in the vehicle." 

Mason was told that he'd be shot with a stun gun if he didn't comply, police said, and was eventually stunned. 

"The defendant showed unusual resistance to the first three seconds of the Taser application with little pain compliance," the report said. 

Before officers were able to arrest Mason, he'd continued to "pull away," the report said, causing officers to shoot him with a stun gun in the pelvic area.

Police said the the tag on the Porsche was registered to Mason Nation LLC for a 2013 Land Rover. That registration expired in 2013. 

The Porsche didn't have a registration or assigned plate number, according to police who did a search on the vehicle identification number.

Police said they found a bag of marijuana inside the vehicle, along with a cigar containing marijuana and a burnt bud that smelled like cannabis.

Mason was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood for medical clearance, according to a news release from the Hollywood Police Department.

Records from the Broward County Clerk of Courts indicate that Mason faces charges of resisting arrest, possession of cannabis, reckless driving and failure to register a motor vehicle. 

Mason was a third-round draft pick by the Rams in 2014.