Heat refuse to complain about officials

Miami won't speak about questionable calls

Dwyane Wade speaks with reporters on Tuesday
Dwyane Wade speaks with reporters on Tuesday

MIAMI – The Miami Heat refused to blame the refs for their Game 4 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

Heat players were asked about some questionable calls in Charlotte and refused to take the bait.

Dwyane Wade said, "I mean my real feelings cannot come out or I'll be getting a fine.  Let's move on from that question... the way I really want to answer is not the way I really can answer it."

Wade's wife, actress Gabrielle Union, tweeted on Monday night, "Can wives get fined?  Asking for a friend."

The league fines players who publicly criticize officials.

The Heat and Hornets are tied at 2 games.

Game 5 is Wednesday in Miami.

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