Relaxed Rookie: Laremy Tunsil smiles, laughs during Dolphins rookie minicamp

Laremy Tunsil said he's got "no ego."

Dolphins 2016 top draft pick Laremy Tunsil laughs and jokes before speaking with the media Saturday during rookie mini-camp.
Dolphins 2016 top draft pick Laremy Tunsil laughs and jokes before speaking with the media Saturday during rookie mini-camp.

Davie, Fla. – The Dolphins' top draft pick of 2016, Laremy Tunsil, spoke to the media during rookie minicamp on Saturday.

Tunsil looked relaxed as he high-fived teammates, joked with team staff and commanded the microphone like a true professional as he even approached the mic, tapped it and said, "testing, testing."

The rookie showed off his personality at Dolphins Camp in Davie on Saturday. 

A much different story than on draft day when a Twitter video of Tunsil smoking marijuana out of a masked bong was leaked just moments before the draft.

The social media fallout caused Tunsil to fall to the Dolphins at the thirteenth pick.

Tunsil also explained what made him sick before his introductory news conference in Miami last week. 

The rookie said that he had eaten a fish called Mahi-Mahi, which is also known as Dolphin. 

It was the first time he had eaten Mahi-Mahi and Tunsil said that will be the first and last time he'll eat it, "never again."

Consider that his rude welcome to Miami moment.

Head coach Adam Gase said of Tunsil, "I think he's just happy to be back to football. I think when you go through that whole process, I'm sure if any of us went through that on draft day, it would be interesting to see how other people would react. I thought he handled it great."

Gase also said of his impression of Tunsil during rookie minicamp, "when you see him in a meeting, when a guy is engaged for as many meetings that we've done over the last day-and-a-half. I mean he's really engaged. You can tell he's really excited to be going over football stuff."

It's unclear if Tunsil will be playing left tackle. 

Asked about his expectations Tunsil said, "I don't have no ego whatsoever, man. I'm here to help the team in any kind of way. Whatever I can do to help the team, I'm here."

That means even lobbying to play tight end.

Coach Gase said Tunsil started making his case to play tight end about 10 minutes after the Fins drafted him but, the coach said "we'll worry about the offensive line first."

Tunsil just wants to make an impact, "wherever they put me, I'm going to give it may all. If they put me at quarterback, I'm going to do a seven-step drop and throw the pass. If they put me at tight end, I'm going to catch the ball. Wherever they put me, I'm going to give it my all."

Asked about getting a contract signed quickly Tunsil laughed loudly and said, "man, it's not about the contract." 

That it's about helping the Fins win in any way possible.