Golfers exchange punches in fairway fight

Video of course brawl shared on social media

GOLDEN, Colo. – Who knew golfers had it in them?

In a supposed gentlemanly sport with a rule book as thick as the Manhattan yellow pages (remember them?), two golfers were caught on video exchanging blows on a Colorado golf course.

In his Instagram post, jabrams77 says the fistifcuffs started after one group hit into the other on the 18th green at the Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden, Colo.

Two men then dropped clubs and began circling each other with the savvy of ring veterans, eyeing their chances to sneak in a quick pop.

Eventually, the golfer in blue connects on a stiff jab, knocking the hat off his opponent.

But just when things started getting interesting, the action died down and the fight came to a listless end.

However, the two combatants shook hands to show that when it comes to golf, haymakers and birdies don't always fit.