Marlins host local Olympic stars Sunday

Sam Dorman and Danell Leyva throw out first pitch

MIAMI – The Marlins had two local Olympic heroes throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Sunday afternoon -- Danell Leyva and Sam Dorman, both of whom won silver medals in the Rio Olympics.

Leyva captured two silver medals in gymnastics and Dorman, a University of Miami graduate, won silver in the men's synchronized 3-meter springboard diving competition.

Both men are used to being judged on their performances, so Local 10 asked them to judge their performance on the pitching mound.

Dorman gave himself an "F plus" while Leyva, whose dad is a big baseball fan, laughingly said his pitch was, "horrible, whatever a horrible score is."

Leyva calls his Olympic experience, "a roller coaster of a ride, but roller coasters usually end well and this one ended well."

As for the hero's welcome he's received from his hometown, Leyva describes it as "intense" and "unexpected, incredible."

Dorman told Local 10 News that he's enjoyed every moment since winning his medal, even the endless photo requests because, "to see the look on kid's faces, how happy they get when you put the medal on their neck, it inspires them so much."

Commenting on Ryan Lochte's infamous lie about being mugged in Rio, Dorman said, "he (Lochte) dug himself a hole. What can you say? I still enjoyed Rio. It was a good time, got myself a medal and now we're back."

Leyva said of Lochte, "I didn't really look into it much, because as you can imagine I've been busy, but I had a great time in Rio. The experience was amazing. Everybody in Rio, the locals and everything around, was great and I couldn't be happier."

Dorman told Local 10 he's excited about his next public appearance as he will be a special guest on the field during the Miami Hurricanes regular-season opener Sept. 3.

"It'll be fun. I think it will be a good year," said Dorman.

The UM diver said new football coach Mark Richt gives the program "a fresh start. Got a great coach. Things are looking up."