Local10.com 2016 college football picks: Week 8 results


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – It's back to a two-way tie for first place in the Local10.com college football picks.

Local 10 News sports reporter Clay Ferraro and investigative reporter Amy Viteri are tied for first with a 66-20 overall record. They were both 8-2 on the weekend, missing only two games -- Temple's 46-30 win against South Florida and Penn State's 24-21 win against No. 2 Ohio State.

Meteorologist Julie Durda was 7-3 this weekend, falling one game behind Clay and Amy. In addition to missing out on Temple and Penn State, she also picked Connecticut to beat Central Florida. The Huskies fell to the Knights 24-16.

Sports director Will Manso is in a distant last place after a losing weekend. His 3-7 finish brings his overall record to 57-29. Will is going to need a surge late in the season to stay in the race.

Week 8 Results

Miami 16, at Virginia Tech 37 (Thursday)

USF 30, at Temple 46 (Friday)

UCF 24, at Connecticut 16

NC State 13, at Louisville 54

TCU 10, at West Virginia 34

Texas A&M 14, at Alabama 33

Arkansas 3, at Auburn 56

Louisiana Tech 44, at FIU 24

Ohio State 21, at Penn State 24

Mississippi 21, at LSU 38

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