Bush outlines potential role for Jeter with Marlins

Yankees legend would run day-to-day baseball operations per report


MIAMI – Former Florida governor Jeb Bush showed out a clearer picture of how he would run the Miami Marlins.

According to Fox Business, Bush spoke at a conference in Los Angeles. 

Bush said he has support from the city of Miami and investors.

Bush said he would like to build the team in a methodical way.

Bush reportedly said, "Baseball doesn't have a salary cap, which is what you have to self-impose as an owner... You have to have the discipline to identify players the right way.. There's no correlation between high salaries and winning."

Bush said that Derek Jeter would handle day-to-day baseball operations of the club.

Jeter won 5 World Series Championships as the New York Yankees shortstop.

The 42-year-old retired in 2014.

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