UM basketball center Rodney Miller says he was duped by Miramar car dealership

One Auto Miami Export closes its doors after complaint

MIRAMAR, Fla. – University of Miami basketball player Rodney Miller said he was duped by a Miramar car dealership.

"My mom found this place online and told me to check it out, and I checked it out, I liked the car and ended up having some problems," Miller told Local 10 News.

Miller purchased a 2004 GMC Envoy from Rudy Jimenez, owner of One Auto Miami Export in Miramar.

He said the car began to backfire, but Jimenez assured him it was a simple fix.

"It came to the point I pulled over, like, 20 times on the highway, so (it was) a really dangerous situation," Miller said.

Miller and his mother turned to Manny the Mechanic, who works right next door to the dealership.

"The transmission was not good," Manny said.

The UM center took his car back to the dealership after having the vehicle for only a week.

"He told me he was going to give me another car," Miller said.

But Miller said there was never any proof that the second car existed.

He and his mother asked for a refund and were given a check that was returned for insufficient funds on two separate occasions, he said.

When Local 10 staffer Melanie Alvarez stopped by, no one opened the door at One Auto Miami, but Jimenez told Local 10 News over the phone that a refund was mailed out already.

"OK, we told them we were going to go ahead and replace it with the one, with the second payment," Jimenez said.

Miller said Jimenez made a similar statement to Miramar police in May.

"Once I realized that he didn't buy the second car, me and my mom really stopped believing what he was saying," Miller said.

A sign outside the business said it was open, but residents who live nearby said otherwise.

Neighbors said the business closed up and cleared out a week ago, and ever since, people having been coming up and knocking on the door, looking for answers.

Miramar police said the case is a civil matter, so it is unclear when or if Miller will get a refund.