Reported Marlins sale developments: Jeter loses big investor, Romney out, Mas takes lead

Samson deflected questions of team sale


MIAMI – The Miami Marlins are getting ready to host the All-Star Game next week, but the sale of the team continues to make headlines.

The latest report from the N.Y. Post has some big developments; (1.) the Tagg Romney group, which is one of  three groups bidding to buy the Marlins, has dropped out, (2.) Derek Jeter's group lost one of its big investors and (3.), the group headed by South Florida business man Jorge Mas is now in the lead to make the winning bid.

Major League Baseball, according to the report, is looking to finalize the sale by Tuesday's All-Star Game in Miami with the price expected to be in the price range of $1.1-$1.3 billion. 

Local 10 spoke with Marlins president David Samson on Thursday who sidestepped questions of the impending sale by saying, "this week, from now until Wednesday, is all about the All-Star Game."