Would Miami Dolphins consider Castro-sympathizing Colin Kaepernick?

After Tannehill's injury, Miami Dolphins' backup is Matt Moore


MIAMI – After Miami Dolphins' starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill injured his knee during practice Thursday, there were reports that the team was considering Colin Kaepernick as his replacement. 

Kaepernick opted out of a contract with 49ers in March and remained unemployed Saturday. He is mostly known for kneeling to the national anthem in a protest against racism in the United States. It was a move that some fans considered disrespectful to the troops fighting over seas. 

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross supported players who followed his protest. But Kaepernick also wore a T-shirt with an image of Fidel Castro to a press conference and praised him for fighting oppression, while ignoring the political prisoners and brutal tactics that sent exiles running for refuge to the U.S.

Although some fans could see him as a public relations nightmare, Phin Phanatic Mason Hicks believes bringing Kaepernick to Miami is a possibility. 

"With the offensive arsenal that the Miami Dolphins contain, Kaepernick could make the offense an elite group," Hicks wrote

The Miami Dolphins' backup, Matt Moore, was at practice Saturday at the Hard Rock Stadium. 

Despite the undertainty of Tannehill's injury, fans had a reason to celebrate Saturday. Jason Taylor will be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

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