Will Manso: Canes belong in Top 2

Miami Hurricanes quarterback Travis Homer runs past Notre Dame's defense.
Miami Hurricanes quarterback Travis Homer runs past Notre Dame's defense. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The U is back.


That was the main takeaway from Saturday night’s dismantling of 3rd ranked Notre Dame.


Miami was faster, nastier and more confident than the Fighting Irish. it wasn’t even a fight.  It wasn’t close.  It was total domination.


And it brought back memories of the program’s heyday, when they wouldn’t just beat the teams they played; they would beat them down.


At 9-0 and with back-to-back wins over ranked teams by a combined score of 69-18, the Hurricanes should quiet the critics who said they were just skating by with an easy schedule.


I can’t lie, I wasn’t completely sold on this team as of two weeks ago. Mea culpa. Now I am. They have proven they belong in this national title contender conversation.


The “they haven’t beaten a good team” excuse can’t be used anymore. If you watched the last two games, you could see that Miami is as fast and talented as any of the top few teams in the country.


The scary part is, they’re also very young. So many of the key players for UM are freshman or sophomores. The future is very bright.


But, let’s keep this to the present.


The college football playoff committee needs to wake up. The Canes, right now, are the 2nd best team in the country. I see no reason why any one-loss team like Clemson, Georgia or Oklahoma should be ranked ahead of Miami.


I also think the Canes have a more impressive resume than Wisconsin, though credit to the Badgers because they’re also undefeated.


In the end, none of this really matters if the Canes keep on winning. If they do that, they’ll be in the college football playoffs.


This is more about respect. The committee talked a good game about why Notre Dame was ranked 3rd and how Georgia had so many compelling reasons to be number one. That’s all fine and dandy.


Now it’s time to make the case for Miami. Actually, they made it for everyone with their performance.


In my eyes, the Miami Hurricanes are currently the second best team in the country behind Alabama.


I only hope the committee opens their eyes and sees that too.



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