Miami Hurricanes linebacker Demetrius Jackson gives back to former schools

Jackson passes out turkeys with teammates in Miami's Overtown neighborhood

MIAMI – On a street corner in Overtown, Miami Hurricanes football players talked turkeys instead of touchdowns as linebacker Demetrius Jackson returned to his neighborhood to give back.

"I am from this community. I am from Overtown. (It) feels great to come back and do it," Jackson said. 

Jackson was back at his old school Monday, Phyllis Wheatley Elementary, to spread goodwill and good food.

Along with his UM teammates, the injured linebacker didn't let leg surgery stop his inaugural turkey giveaway.

"When I was young, I didn't have nobody to do that," Jackson said. "To be able to do it with my teammates, it means so much more."

Students were thrilled that their undefeated Miami Hurricanes came to visit.

"When they called me down to the office today, I thought I was getting in trouble, but I was really excited when I saw them," fifth-grader Alexis Borjas said.

Needy families from Jackson's elementary, middle and high school are all taking home turkey and the fixings. 

"I am very thankful. (It's) something that I don't have to purchase (and we can) have a big old meal for Thanksgiving," Staretha Hopkins said. 

Monday was a day off for Jackson's teammates, but when their injured teammate called, it was a no-brainer for the players.

"You go out. You got to help family. The whole community is our family," one player said.

This was Jackson's first turkey giveaway, but he said it’s just the beginning of service for him in his community. 

He said long after football is over, he plans to run for office and serve the streets he grew up on.