Miami Sports Pod - What a Super Bowl!

Will Manso and Clay Ferraro talk about the Dolphins & the Super Bowl


Join Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro for the Miami Sports Pod where they discuss the amazing Super Bowl and what the Dolphins should take from the game.

1:00  Clay: Tom Brady Does Not Know How to Come Through in the Clutch (He’s kidding)

1:30  Clay: Philly was the best team in the NFL All Year

3:30  Will:  Coaching matters very much

5:50  Clay:  Doug Pederson was able to adapt and make it work

8:30  Will:  Nick Foles deserves credit for his performance

10:00  Clay:  Eagles brought in Nick Foles because of the style of offense that Philly plays

11:30  Will:  The Eagles had belief in their team --- Never have that confidence watching a Dolphins game

13:00  Clay:  Eagles are on the verge of a new dynasty

15:00  Clay/Will:  The Dolphins should not trade for Nick Foles

16:00  Will:  Most entertaining Super Bowl I’ve ever seen