Jeter reaches out to Miami business leaders

Marlins CEO continues to listen to fans

Derek Jeter speaks at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
Derek Jeter speaks at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

MIAMI – Pitchers and catchers don't report until next week, but Marlins CEO Derek Jeter is out pitching his team.

Jeter met with the members of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Jeter opened the floor to questions, hoping to gain support of the South Florida business community.

Jeter was asked about the controversy surrounding the statue in the outfield of Marlins Park.

Jeter said, "the topic of passion when it comes to Marlin fans whether they like it or they don't like it... we are always looking to make our fan experience better is the best way to answer that.  We are listening to what you all are saying.  I didn't answer it, but that's the best I got for you."

The legendary shortstop was also asked who would win a championship first, he or David Beckham's soccer team.  Jeter said the Marlins were starting from a bigger hole.

Jeter talked about the importance of building partnerships with businesses and fans who are investing in the future of the team.

Jeter praised the talent acquired since he was first introduced as Marlins CEO and part owner.


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