Miami Sports Pod - The confusing Dolphins with Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post


The Dolphins are so confusing these days, the Miami Sports Pod had to bring in Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post to help Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro sort it all out.

1:00 Jason tries to figure out how much TV news is like Anchorman

10:00 Jason describes how closely the beat writers work together/against each other

12:00 Jason corrects Dukie to give credit his collegue Joe Schad for breaking the Mike Pouncey move

15:00 Why is the discussion of Dolphins “culture” a hot topic?

20:00 Will would buy the “culture” excuse for the Dolphins moves if he’d heard about before the big moves

25:00  Jason on Why the Dolphins aren’t going to be able to move up to get one of the top four QBs in the draft

29:00 Jason on Dolphins offseason “I think that they’re sort of tanking”

34:00  What does Adam Gase see in Ryan Tannehill that no one else does?

38:00 Clay on why his thoughts about DeVante Parker may have been a bit off

43:00 Will tells a story about eating Fastfood at the Hall of Fame induction

45:00  Jason tells an epic story about discovering a Racoon at his father’s house in Chicago (listen to this)

49:00 Jason reluctantly answers who he thinks the Dolphins will draft in the first round