Miami Sports Pod - Pat Riley speaks, we read between the lines


On this week's Miami Sports Pod, Will Manso and Clay Ferraro read between the lines after Heat President Pat Riley's "State of the Team" briefing.

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1:00 Pat Riley says “We have a logjam”

3:00 The Heat need a superstar 

4:30  Can you still trust in Riley or has the game passed him by?

6:00 Will loved Cobra Kai and the death of Pat Morita is discussed on the pod (Mr. Miyagi)

11:00 Who is the “one guy” who the Heat would think of as a transformative player?

15:00 The Heat had a roster composition issue --- not as talented as other teams

18:00 The Heat need to be vultures and take advantage of an unhappy player

24:00 Will breaks down--- who on the Heat am I going to want to keep?

30:00  Clay: I came away from that news conference thinking Riley really wants to shed some of those players

35:00 Clay blames himself for the Heat missing out on Donovan Mitchell (and he’s right)

37:00 How does Pat Riley get an “A” for the offseason