Miami Sports Pod - Ryan Tannehill is back, so is that good or bad?


In this week's Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso & Clay Ferraro discuss the Ryan Tannehill sighting at Dolphins camp and whether the quarterback's return is actually good news.

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1:00 What did Clay see out at Dolphins practice when he watched Ryan Tannehill? 

2:30  Will isn’t sure why so much is being thrown at Tannehill 

5:00 The Dolphins have to be fired up to have their starting quarterback back 

7:00 Will can’t think of another player in South Florida who has that much of a track record, gets hurt, and has huge expectations 

10:00 The Dolphins added a complication to Tannehill’s return because of all the roster changes 

15:00 What are Dolphins fans telling Will or Clay they are expecting of Tannehill? 

19:00 Dolphins fans believe that things clicked in 2016 between Tannehill and Adam Gase 

31:00 Will says Tannehill will not be the sole reason for the Dolphins result this year