Hottest World Cup seller? The surprising nation selling record amount of jerseys

Demand goes through the roof for Nigeria replica jerseys


Odds are that Nigeria won’t win the World Cup, but there is one area that the African nation is dominating the rest of the soccer world: Jersey sales.

Seemingly every soccer fan around the globe wants the Nike-created neon green jerseys Nigeria's players wore for their second game of pool play against Iceland on Friday.

The jerseys have neon green stripes on most of the jersey, with black stripes on the short sleeves. 
The kit sold out in less than three hours after being released before the World Cup started, with there being 3 million preorders for replica shirts.

It is a staggering number, considering one of the most famous sports organizations in the world, Manchester United, sold 2.8 million replica jerseys in 2016.

Despite the huge demand, Nike said earlier this month that it wouldn’t restock the Nigerian jerseys.

Earlier this month, there was a huge line of people who waited outside Nike’s Oxford Street store in London hoping to purchase the Nigeria jersey replica.


Nigeria likely won't be awarded the actual World Cup next month in Moscow, but they should already be handed the championship trophy for soccer fashion. 


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