Miami Sports Podcast - Is that it for the Miami Heat's offseason?


In this week's Miami Sports Pod, the Local 10 sports team tries to figure out if the Miami Heat are done doing business in the offseason and what kinds of moves, if any, are still out there.

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3:00 Carmelo Anthony is still out there --- should the Heat make a move?

6:00 How are the Heat going to clear away the logjam at the 2 and the 3?

8:00 Clay breaks down the Heat’s assets and liabilities

12:30 The Heat are over the luxury tax and Will doesn’t think they’re going to stay there

16:30 If you’re going to get a superstar now, you’d better be sure they’re going to commit to stay

22:30 The Heat need Dwyane Wade back and not just for basketball reasons

26:00 The logjam in the Heat’s roster gives Erik Spoelstra tough decisions to make every night

30:00 Will doesn’t think the roster is going to come back as is

33:30 Goran Dragic was tired by the end of the year and here’s why…

37:00 Clay defends Hassan Whiteside against some negative parts of his rep