Miami Sports Podcast - We're talking about practice... Dolphins practice


In this week's Miami Sports Podcast, the Local 10 Sports team recaps the Dolphins scrimmage before the first preseason game and how things look heading into real fake games.

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1:30 We went to the Dolphins scrimmage, so you didn’t have to 

3:30 There was a lot of laundry on the field during Saturday’s Dolphins scrimmage

5:30 Adam Gase made the team run after the scrimmage

8:00 The Miami Dolphins really need to avoid 1st and 15

9:00 This problem falls on coaching

12:00 There’s no excuse for a lack of attention to detail

14:00 There were a ton of #14 jerseys out at the Dolphins scrimmage --- interesting 

18:30 Clay still can’t understand why the Dolphins didn’t draft a quarterback

22:00 Moving to campus, Mark Richt is really excited about the start to Canes camp

29:00 There’s a different feel between the Canes and the Dolphins

32:00 We’re not going to overreact to practice or the preseason