Miami Sports Podcast - Takeaways from the Dolphins' preseason debut


In this edition of the Miami Sports Pod, Will Manso and Clay Ferraro weigh in on the Dolphins' first preseason game vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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1:00 Will talks about his vacation in Alaska and salmon

4:00:  What did we learn from the first preseason game of the Dolphins

9:30  Clay shows some Virginia Tech love for Dolphins WR Isaiah Ford 

13:00 The Dolphins have a habit of drafting players at positions that are already filled

16:00  Where is the star power on the Dolphins

25:00 Part of the Dolphins discipline problems (penalties) is because they have many of the same guys

28:00 Jason and Clay have a little newspaper beef

31:00 Adam Gase truly believes this is his best roster that he’s ever had

34:00 We discuss training camp tweets

40:00 The NFL is very careful about letting the coverage be about the individual

52:00 Jason discusses his coverage of the National Anthem issue and the reaction to it

53:15  Jason says the number 1 thing people don’t get about the issue is what the protest is about

1:00:00 How has Stephen Ross been able to navigate this very complicated series of issues

1:07:00  The NFL had an image problem of a different sort a few years ago

1:14:00  The types of emails that Jason gets about the Anthem issue

1:20:00 Jason--- every football game I’ve been to has been a full house