Miami Sports Podcast - Talking 'Canes football with Randal "Thrill" Hill


UM legend Randal "Thrill" Hill joins the Miami Sports Podcast to discuss the upcoming 'Canes football season.

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2:02  Randal Hill talks about the big opportunity the Canes have in the opener

6:40  Here’s what Randal Hill did with his 1988 Orange Bowl ring

10:42  Some former players don’t necessarily feel welcomed back just yet

12:00 Back in the day, the Canes players learned speed by watching track

18:12  The biggest myth is that you have to recruit 5-star players.  It’s about attitude

20:16  Another Canes legend said --- “We need to win a national championship so we can knock guys out with our rings” 

33:00 I think Mark Richt deserves for everyone to get behind him 110%

36:00 So what happened in the Cotton Bowl?

41:00 Why did Thrill run through the tunnel in the Cotton Bowl?

42:00 Of the top 10 greatest plays in UM history--- Thrill has 2