Butler holds meeting in Minnesota with teammates, report says

Potential deal to Miami hits major snag

(Associated Press)

MIAMI – After all the dram, signs are now pointing to NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler staying in Minnesota.

Shams Charania of Stadium and The Athletic reports that Butler called a players-only meeting Thursday with the Timberwolves.

During that meeting, Butler reportedly aired his feelings toward his situation and management. Butler reportedly said he is way too competitive to sit out games.

The Heat had been involved in talks with the Timberwolves as the teams discussed possible trade offers.

According to reports, the Heat were close to a deal for Butler, but Minnesota asked for more at the end, and the deal fell apart.

Dwyane Wade has expressed a desire to play with his good friend and former Chicago teammate.

For now, it appears the trade talk has slowed.

Miami opens the season in less than a week.

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