Miami Sports Podcast - Dolphins win, but what's up with Tannehill? Plus, UM QB questions


This week, Will Manso and Clay Ferraro discuss the Dolphins thrilling win over the Bears, but wonder what's going on with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Plus, is there any method to the madness of Mark Richt's quarterback decisions at UM?

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:19  We discuss the Panthers winless start for :30 

1:40  The Dolphins won another game they had no business winning

2:40 Adam Gase wasn’t happy to be asked about Ryan Tannehill’s shoulder

3:44 Adam Gase started dissecting HIPPA law after the game

5:30  It doesn’t sound like a shoulder that’s improving

8:30  The line between winning and losing for the Dolphins on Sunday was paper thin

9:49  The Dolphins are a team that will win by one score and lose games by a lot

14:40  A desk was accidentally kicked and there’s an injury on the podcast

15:30  The Dolphins point differential is a cause for concern

16:30  Shifting to the Hurricanes quarterback situation, who should be starting in Coral Gables?

20:17  Will agreed with bringing in Rosier at the time

24:02  Just because the Hurricanes have playmakers, doesn’t mean they have to make plays 40 yards down the field

29:00 If healthy should Ryan Tannehill get his job back?

32:00 If Tannehill comes back, how healthy will his shoulder be?

33:30  Clay explains how Tannehill’s contract sets back a potential rebuild

37:30  The Dolphins have us interested this far into the season