Drake do-over? Dolphins RB wants 'miracle' football back

Star of Miami miracle offers fans 'whatever they need' in exchange for ball


DAVIE, Fla. – The "miracle" play the Miami Dolphins pulled off to beat the New England Patriots on Sunday almost worked to perfection.

That is, until the hero threw the ball into the stands. Now he wants it back.

Even as Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake basks in the glory of the double-lateral play called "Boise" that stunned the Patriots and the rest of the NFL, he now rues heaving the ball into the lower level of Hard Rock Stadium after he crossed the goal line.

In a video posted to his Twitter account, Drake offered up a jersey, cleats, gloves and tickets to an upcoming Dolphins game to get the football back.

Drake expressed his slight remorse for tossing the ball away and what he could possibly offer in return in an interview with SI.com

"Oh yeah, for sure," Drake said. "We've got one last home game. If they don't have tickets already, I'll give them tickets to the game, whatever they need. I'd love to have the ball back. I don't regret throwing it, but now that I'm level-headed, I'm sitting down thinking about it, having the ball back would definitely mean a lot to me, and the team as well."

A person who claims to have the ball posted a photo of it on Twitter, but a request for the Miami Dolphins to verify whether it is the football in question has yet to be answered.