Dewan Hernandez declared ineligible to play this season

Lawyer for Miami forward calls NCAA ruling 'abhorrent and completely unfair'

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Miami Hurricanes forward Dewan Hernandez has been declared ineligible to play this season, his attorney said Thursday.

"Words cannot express my level of frustration and disgust in today's decision by the NCAA in Dewan Hernandez's eligibility matter," attorney Jason Setchen said Thursday on Twitter. "The arbitrary manner in which they dispense punishment in certain cases is abhorrent and completely unfair."

Although Miami has not issued an official statement regarding Hernandez's eligibility, Hernandez retweeted Setchen's remarks and ESPN's Jay Bilas, who criticized the NCAA for only penalizing players and not coaches or administrators.

Hernandez also tweeted a comment alluding to the decision.

"2019 not starting the way I wanted but hey I got 362 days to change that around… #whatsnext?" he wrote.

Hernandez, who changed his name from Dewan Huell, has been sidelined all season while the school and the NCAA reviewed his eligibility in the wake of a federal investigation into college basketball corruption. He averaged 11.4 points and 6.7 rebounds last season.

The Hurricanes (8-5) lost to No. 18 North Carolina State 87-82 in the Atlantic Coast Conference opener Thursday night.