Miami Sports Podcast - The official guide for the Dolphins tanking mission


In this week's Miami Sports Podcast, the Local 10 Sports team offers up an unofficial "official" tanking guide for the Miami Dolphins.

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1:45  Clay breaks down what Stephen Ross said about tanking 
4:00 “Build’ is now code for tanking 
5:45  Finally, Stephen Ross and the Dolphins get it 
7:00 It’s very important if you’re going to tank, you don’t mess it up by winning too much 
9:00 Looking back, the Dolphins were so close to 4-12 and potentially having a top-5 pick 
13:00 The year the Dolphins took Tannehill, they didn’t follow the tanking mantra “suck for Luck” 
16:00 A story about Tim Tebow that has nothing to do with anything 
19:00 Will’s approach to free agency means --- letting plenty of good players walk 
22:00 Make sure to stockpile draft picks 
24:00 Eat Ryan Tannehill’s money 
26:00 We want the Dolphins to be good, but they need to hit rock bottom 
28:00 We break down the roster and cut about 15 players 
32:00 Manso’s brilliant marketing approach to a tanking season