Marlins brass expect team to win as full squad reports

Miami hoping to bounce back from 98-loss season

Derek Jeter talks to reporters on Monday
Derek Jeter talks to reporters on Monday

JUPITER, Fla. – The Miami Marlins full squad reported to Jupiter for Spring Training on Monday.

The team was greeted with big expectations from their bosses.

Owner Bruce Sherman said, "We're building and we're going to continue to build.  We want to win, we want to win now, we want to win next year, we want to win continually.  It's important that we supports the management and not tinker with the professionals.  We have an extraordinary group of professionals, we've supplimented them with other professionals, and we have to let them do what they were hired to do.  That's what the plan is and we're sticking to that plan."

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter wants to bring a no excuses mindset to the ballclub.

Jeter invoked his days playing with the Yankees to describe what he's looking for from the team.

Jeter said, "We had a particular mindset when we were coming up through our organization, it came down from the Boss.  Mr. Steinbrenner expected you to win every game he played.  He didn't care if you were in the minor leagues or you were in the major leagues, it's a mentality."

Jeter added that the organization has veterans mixed in with the young players to help the team learn that mindset.

Monday was also the first day on the field for the team's big offseason acquisition Victor Victor Mesa.  The Cuban outfielder is expected to start his career in the minor leagues.

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