Granderson hopes to provide veteran leadership to Marlins

Outfielder willing to play any role for the team

Curtis Granderson playing outfield for the Marlins
Curtis Granderson playing outfield for the Marlins

JUPITER, Fla. – Outfielder Curtis Granderson is willing to do whatever it takes to help the Miami Marlins win.

The Marlins signed Granderson this offseason to provide veteran leadership.

Granderson said, "Whatever role, whatever capacity I can be. I've said that for the last few seasons, I feel that I'm adaptable.  I've batted at the top of the lineup, the middle of the lineup, the bottom of the lineup.  I played centerfield last year, I've played left, I've played right.  They even asked me if I could play first base  last year, I didn't do that.  But if they need me to, it's not something that I would say no to."

Granderson, 37, has 1742 career hits and 332 home runs. 

Granderson first came up to the big leagues in 2004 in Detroit.

As part of his career, Granderson played four seasons with Marlins CEO Derek Jeter.

Granderson said, "One of the things that Derek and I had in the short term that we played, which was four years, is we continue to stay in touch after that.  We didn't actually talk about coming here, we did talk about other things.  One of the things that eventually was on his mind was to get in a position where he can call the shots and help build a great organization with a team.  And he got an opportunity to do that here with the Marlins."

Granderson said he and Jeter "joked about the past and the seriousness of the future."

As for playing alongside younger players, Granderson hopes to both talk and listen.  He said, "It's interesting.  Everyone talks about what their role should be.  I think the roles will be ever changing.  I think you have to be in a position where you can listen, be approachable, and then if need be, provide some information that can help.  I'm looking for information from you guys as well and if there's something that I can help you out with... I want to be there as best I can."

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