Miami Sports Pod - Let's read from the Book of NFL Tanking


This week, Local 10's Clay Ferraro and Will Manso head to the library and check out The Big Book of NFL Tanking to determine how the Miami Dolphins will approach free agency.

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1:10 If the Dolphins are tanking, they wouldn’t go after any big ticket players 

5:00 Is Trey Flowers the guy? 

9:00 Big Book of tanking says you don’t go after great players 

14:00 When are the Dolphins planning to be successful? 

17:30  Is Flowers a guy that simply can’t be passed up on? 

21:10:  Arguably, Adam Gase’s biggest downfall was… 

22:40  Stephen Ross let the cat out of the bag about tanking 

24:30  Moving to the quarterback position

26:30  Siri makes a prediction about the Dolphins QB for next season