Miami Sports Pod - The Heat's March Madness is underway


Forget college hoops, the Miami Heat have a March Madness thing of their own going on. Join Local 10's Clay Ferraro as he discusses the Heat's stretch run to the NBA Playoffs.

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1:00 In their last 12 games, the Heat are 9-3 

3:30 The Heat have found their best team 

4:45  Heat are 14-6 with Bam Adebayo in the starting lineup 

8:00 The Heat are playing for Dwyane Wade

10:00 Dwyane is making moments that aren’t forced 

14:30  The young guys have all made strides 

17:00 The Dolphins have still never replaced Dan Marino, enjoy Dwyane 

19:00 We randomly talk about Zion Williamson vs. Ja Morant 

23:00  Heat have separated themselves from the bad teams 

27:00 This season, the Heat have given us Dwyane’s Last Dance and the Growth of the young players