Miami Sports Podcast: Reality sets in for the Miami Heat


The season is over, Dwyane Wade is gone, now reality sets in for the Miami Heat. Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro look at what the Heat need to do moving forward.

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1:00 Did Pat Riley make you feel any better? 

3:00 The Heat can do something this offseason 

6:00 Riley said there are no obstacles, but there are obstacles 

7:30 Riley & Spoelstra turning their focus to the young guys, not the veterans 

16:40  Look at their successful lineups this year shows potential 

18:00 Too many ‘guys’--- Heat need a closer 

24:00 If you’re gonna blow this roster up, do it for a superstar 

29:00 Make the team about the young guys from Day 1 and see what happens