Miami Sports Pod - May Madness: Buzzer Beaters, Rookie Camp, and Ping Pong Balls


As the NBA Playoffs roll on (without the Heat), and the Dolphins get set for rookie camp, Local 10's Will Manso & Clay Ferraro gear up for what's still been a busy May.

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1:25 Clay talks about the Lakers of his childhood 

1:45  Kawhi Leonard’s shot --- shades of Allan Houston? 

4:00 What happens to Philly now? 7:48  LeBron-less playoffs--- still fun 

11:00 We’re seeing a new generation of stars 

15:00 Dolphins rookie camp begins 

17:00 The Dolphins see Josh Rosen’s 2018 struggles as a positive 

25:00 The Dolphins are just checking in with the rookies, teaching them the basics 

32:00 The NBA draft lottery is coming up this week