Dolphins quarterback competition heats up between Rosen, Fitzpatrick

Miami looking for starting QB

Josh Rosen hopes to win the Dolphins starting job
Josh Rosen hopes to win the Dolphins starting job

DAVIE, Fla. – The quarterback competition is underway for the Miami Dolphins.

For the first time since being traded to the Dolphins, Josh Rosen took to the field during a time open to the media.

The former first-round pick is trying to earn the starting spot over veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Before he can do that, Rosen needs to learn the logistics of Dolphins camp.

"It's been good," Rosen said. "I mean, you kind of underestimate from the outside looking in, all the logistical issues from having to move and uproot your place. I'm walking into the receiver room thinking it's the bathroom. So there are a lot of little things that go into it. But when you step on the field, you have to let it go and play football."

As for Fitzpatrick, he came to Miami to win the job.

"I'm here because this was an opportunity that I would have a chance to play, to compete," he said. "It was a job that was open. I know that nothing is ever going to be handed to me. So I enjoy it."

While both quarterbacks want the same job, they both said that the quarterback room is strong and so is the start to their relationship.

"So far our quarterback has been a lot of fun," Rosen said of Fitzpatrick. "He likes to goof around, but he works really hard. He's been in this league for a really long time. If I can take at least even just a couple lessons, it will suit me well in the long run."

Fitzpatrick feels the same about Rosen.

"He's been great so far," he said. "We've got lockers right next to each other. Just getting to know him a little bit. I'm from Arizona. So we got some chatter about some local Arizona hot spots. Things have changed over the last 20 years for me. We spent a lot of time together in the quarterback room and outside in the locker room. So far, so good."

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