Miami Sports Pod - No lottery luck for the Heat, now what?


Lady Luck was not smiling on the Miami Heat during the NBA Draft Lottery, so now what?  Local 10's Clay Ferraro and Will Manso discuss what lies ahead for the Heat this offseason.

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:40  Speculation about Mike Conley has begun 

1:30  The music accidentally derails the podcast 

3:15 Clay sees the potential vision of what Pat Riley is doing

8:40 Heat young players are valuable, but not franchise builders 

10:45  Does Mike Conley end the point Justise thing? 

15:00 The Heat are not in position to win a championship right now if you look at the playoffs 

20:00 Pat Riley sees what fans see 

25:00 Heat have proven they can find guys in the G-League 

30:00 Watch our Dwyane Wade special:  Bigger Than Basketball --- Friday night at 8 p.m. on Local 10.  It’s good.