Dion Waiters motivated after 'depressing & frustrating' times

Heat guard driven to return to top shape

Dion Waiters talks about his struggle to get into shape
Dion Waiters talks about his struggle to get into shape

MIAMI – Dion Waiters is out to prove his detractors wrong.

Last season, Waiters appeared to be out of shape at times.

Waiters was returning from ankle surgery.

In an emotional instagram post on Monday, Waiters addressed his quest to get back into top shape.

Waiters wrote, "Last year when I came off 1 of the most depressing and frustrating times of my life.  Coming off injury & not feeling like myself nor looking like myself I was in a dark place mentally & physically, Because the game I love so much was taken away due to season ending surgery."

He went on to talk about some of the cyber-bullying that he experienced about his weight gain.

Waiters wrote, "Now a days with this social media ran world they laughed at me made jokes etvc not knowing what I was batting or going through everyday."

Waiters decided to committ himself to getting into top condition.

Many of his offseason posts online were of Waiters working out and playing basketball.

Waiters added, "I'm not done yet but I know somebody in the world prolli needed to hear this.  Stay positive block out the outside noise & grind."

Miami will have room for Waiters in the lineup with the retirement of Dwyane Wade.

It remains to be seen how the extra work will help on the court.

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