Stills elaborates on his plans to continue working on social justice

Dolphins wide receiver responds to Jay-Z

DAVIE, Fla. – Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills plans to continue kneeling to protest police brutality and fight for social justice.

The wide receiver posted on social media Sunday about his intentions.

He elaborated Monday.

Stills was critical of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump. Stills indicated that he and Ross had spoken and the two agreed to disagree.

Meanwhile, the NFL partnered with hip-hop artist Jay-Z to work on social justice.

Jay-Z said NFL players should move past kneeling to the next step.

Stills took exception with that comment.

"I feel like he discredited Colin and myself and the work that's being done in our communities," Stills said. "I think he could've handled the whole situation differently. If he were to say, 'I see the work that Colin and these guys have been doing and I want to partner up with the league to further that work,' it would have been totally different than some of the ways that he answered some of these questions."

Stills said that by partnering with Jay-Z, the league has "done a good job of shifting the problem onto Roc Nation and Shawn Carter's shoulders instead of themselves."

He said his work in the community has not been a distraction in the locker room. 

"As long as I continue to handle my business on the field, everything's fine," Stills said. "I think I've done a good job of that the past couple years."

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores was originally critical of Stills for criticizing the team's owner without contacting Ross personally first.

The Dolphins play their third preseason game Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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