Local10.com college football picks: Week 9 results


There's a new leader in the Local10.com college football picks.

Local 10 sports reporter Clay Ferraro broke the tie with sports director Will Manso to take a one-game lead after last weekend's games.

Clay and Local 10 news reporter Liane Morejon were 8-3 last weekend, besting Will and news reporter Ian Margol's 7-4 record.

Still, Liane will need a strong finish to climb out of last place.

Conversely, all it takes is a solid weekend to catapult Will back on top. Ian isn't far behind and is poised to pounce should either opponent stumble on any given week.

The group was split on Notre Dame and Michigan, which upset the Fighting Irish 45-14. But Will and Clay sniffed out the signature victory for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines.

If only the group could have predicted Middle Tennessee's resounding 50-17 victory over FIU. 

There was some squabbling about Will's picks (Jill Mango, anyone?), but it seems he did send his final picks prior to the start of the games. Even though they were tardy (get it together, man), we'll pretend he didn't get the memo…at least this time.

Wisconsin 7, at Ohio State 38
Oklahoma 41, at Kansas State 48
Miami 16, at Pitt 12
Auburn 20, at LSU 23
Penn State 28, at Michigan State 7
FIU 17, at Middle Tennessee 50
FAU 41, at Old Dominion 3
Syracuse 17, at FSU 35
USF 45, at ECU 20
UCF 63, at Temple 21
Notre Dame 14, at Michigan 45