Heat players remain quiet about Waiters' suspension

Guard benched for 10 games

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MIAMI – Miami Heat players are not saying much about the suspension to guard Dion Waiters.

The Heat returned to practice Monday to prepare for Tuesday night's game against Detroit.

Veteran Udonis Haslem only would address the situation by differing to the team's statement Sunday.

However, Haslem did add, "I'm glad my brother Dion is doing OK."

"I don't feel like it's a distraction," Haslem said. "Obviously, the situation has been handled, so we move on. A distraction is something that continues to transpire or continues to be an issue. It's already been handled, so we move on to the next and get ready for the game. Like I said, the only concern I have is for my brother Dion that he's healthy."

Waiters had a medical incident onboard the team's flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles.

He reportedly had taken THC-infused gummies and received a 10-game suspension without pay.

While suspending Waiters on Sunday, the team released a statement that referenced the incident.

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