'Frozen' star Josh Gad is South Florida native, loves his local sports teams

Josh Gad joins Local 10 News to discuss local sports landscape

South Florida native Josh Gad, who portrays Olaf in Disney's Frozen franchise, discussed his favorite sports team with Local 10's Mill Manso.

MIAMI – "Frozen 2" is set to hit movie screens next week as the most anticipated film of the year.

Six years in the making, it continues the story of the characters we love like Anna, Elsa and Olaf.  

But for the man who voices the always optimistic snowman, Olaf, a trip to Miami reminds him of something that has been over 45 years in the making; another Dolphins Super Bowl title.

Like most Miami sports fans, Josh Gad has a hard time staying optimistic that a Dolphins championship will happen any time soon.

Yes, even Olaf is in pain over the recent struggles of South Florida sports teams.

Gad is what you'd call a "die-hard" Miami sports fan.  He grew up in Hollywood, Florida and went to the University School in Davie for high school.

He also spent much of his childhood attending Dolphins, Heat, Marlins and Panthers games.

Gad has since gone on to star on Broadway, in over 30 films and 20 television shows, but he has never lost his passion for the teams he grew up watching.

While promoting "Frozen 2" in Miami, Gad spoke with Local 10 sports director Will Manso to discuss the Miami sports landscape.

On the Dolphins winning streak during a season which most believed the team was tanking, Gad says, "All of a sudden, somebody missed the memo over at Dolphins headquarters and started to get good."

On Miami's chase for a new star quarterback, Gad says, "I'm a Tua guy, just because tank for Tua has a better sound than bomb for Burrow."

Since Olaf is known for giving warm hugs, who would Gad give a warm hug to over any other Miami sports star?  

Gad gives the right answer, "I think it's a tie between Wade and Marino.  Both are such a part of the very fabric of my love for South Florida sports."

He says he tries to keep up with all the Miami teams on social media.  He also has the perfect person to keep him up-to-date on things, even with his busy schedule and family life.

Gad's first acting partner in speech and debate was Local 10's own executive sports producer David Lang.  They're dear friends to this day.

For now, Gad will promote the blockbuster film and enjoy the success the Frozen franchise has gained worldwide.

Maybe one day soon, for the first time in forever, he'll get to enjoy his Dolphins franchise celebrating the ultimate success.

Gad says if the Dolphins were ever to win the Super Bowl, he would help anchor our local 10 news coverage.  He called it "a channel 10 exclusive!" 

About the Author:

Will Manso came back home to South Florida when he joined Local 10 in March of 1999. During his time here, Will has kept busy by working in sports, news and he's even dabbled in entertainment. He is now Local 10's sports director and also enjoys the chance to serve as host for special shows on Local 10.