Local10.com college football picks: Week 12 results


It looks like it's coming down to Will Manso and Clay Ferraro in the Local10.com college football picks.

With just two weekends remaining in the regular season, Will has a one-game lead on Clay.

Will, Clay and Liane Morejon were 9-1 on the weekend. Only an Iowa upset of previously undefeated Minnesota kept Will and Liane from having a flawless record.

Clay missed on Auburn pulling off the win against Georgia on the Plains. The Bulldogs hung on to beat the Tigers 21-14.

Ian Margol fell to 7-3 on the weekend. Not only did he pick Minnesota and Auburn to win, but he also had Navy stunning the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame Stadium. Instead, Notre Dame pounded the Midshipmen 52-20. Ouch.

Liane probably benefited the most from the weekend. She's now caught up with Ian in a tie for third place. 

Indiana 27, at Penn State 34
Florida 23, at Missouri 6
Michigan State 10, at Michigan 44
Alabama State 12, at FSU 49
Navy 20, at Notre Dame 52
Wake Forest 3, at Clemson 52
Georgia 21, at Auburn 14
Minnesota 19, at Iowa 23
Cincinnati 20, at USF 17
Oklahoma 34, at Baylor 31