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Marlins players use Zoom and try to stay ready during coronavirus pandemic

Reliever Ryne Stanek joined Local 10′s Will Manso for an interview Sunday

Miami Marlins reliever Ryne Stanek joined Local 10's Will Manso for an interview Sunday and said planning a return to baseball is "not a small task."

MIAMI, Fla. – Like the entire baseball world, the Marlins are taking a wait-and-see approach during the coronavirus pandemic. For now, the players are doing their best to stay in shape, but the waiting game isn’t easy.

Miami pitcher Ryne Stanek joined Local 10 Sports Sunday for a segment to discuss how the players have tried to stay ready, which includes Zoom meetings as a team.

“It’s the best we’ve got in the situation,” Stanek said. “It’s always good to see people’s faces. We get to stay in contact, even though it’s not as good as being with your boys and brothers on the field.”

While the time is passing slowly, there remains optimism of having a season.

“I think there will be a season,” Stanek said. “I don’t know when. [MLB is] still trying to work out all the logistics of it. It’s not a small task. There’s a lot that goes into it with player logistics and housing, especially with governmental restrictions.”

The reliever wouldn’t speculate on which rumored plan is the best. Reports have indicated that MLB could have a season in one location, or in one or two states using multiple locations. He explained that some of the plans sound like they make sense and most players are willing to listen to any potential plan to safely have a season.

As for his workouts, Stanek is training in Tampa but most of the baseball work consists of just throwing a baseball. And he has learned that the restrictions on park usage are no joke.

“You go to a park and you get kicked out. Even Tom Brady got kicked out of a park here in Tampa, so they’re definitely not letting us out there,” Stanek joked.

The bottom line, no one has an answer on what’s next for baseball. The Zoom meetings will continue for the Marlins, the team’s group chat will be a source of smiles daily, and the organization will keep the same message to fans: stay safe and we’ll be back eventually.

The club recently started a weekly food distribution at Marlins Park to help people in need. The Home Plate Meals Relief Fund will be held every Wednesday in May at 1 p.m.

“It’s great they’re trying to be an institution in the community," Stanek said. “That’s phenomenal. That’s being a positive influence in the community and helping out when they can in situations like this.”

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Will Manso came back home to South Florida when he joined Local 10 in March of 1999. During his time here, Will has kept busy by working in sports, news and he's even dabbled in entertainment. He is now Local 10's sports director and also enjoys the chance to serve as host for special shows on Local 10.