These ‘teddy bear toss’ videos will warm your heart

This is one of the greatest traditions, is it not?

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Did you know this was a thing?

During the holidays each year -- well, no word on whether coronavirus will impact this, too -- fans at minor league hockey games traditionally bring teddy bears, stuffed toys and mittens to the rink to donate to a charity. The way that the charity collects the donations is when the fun comes in.

Once the home team scores its first goal of the game, fans unleash the teddy bears by throwing them over the glass and onto the ice. If it's a packed game and fans know about the toss, teddy bears will fly onto the ice for several minutes.

To call the toss a spectacle is an understatement. Just watch some of the videos below.

The teddy bear toss has become so popular in some areas, that world records have been broken.

In 2018, fans at the Hershey Bears game broke a record by throwing nearly 35,000 stuffed animals on the ice. You can watch below.

The previous record for the Teddy Bear Toss was set in 2015 by fans of the Calgary Hitmen with 28,815 stuffed animals.

The Hershey Bears collected 25,017 stuffed animals at their 2017 Teddy Bear Toss, but absolutely crushed their record with 34,798 stuffed animals in 2018.

Not only is it wild to see thousands of stuffed animals get chucked on the ice during a hockey game, but it’s also fantastic that the teddy bears are given to children in need.

*This story was originally published in 2018, but has been updated.

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