Brian Flores enjoys opportunity to coach draft prospects at Senior Bowl

Head Coach Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins speaks with Tua Tagovailoa #1 during the game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Hard Rock Stadium on November 15, 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Getty Images)

MIAMI – The Miami Dolphins coaching staff is getting a jump on the NFL draft.

The Dolphins staff is coaching one of the rosters at the Senior Bowl.

Tuesday was the first day of practice.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said, “I think all of it is advantageous for us, especially the practice time, the meeting time, see how guys learn. We really get to know them as people. So that’s been or going to be the focus of our week. We’re excited about it. Just being out on the field, we all love to coach, I love being out there helping guys get better. Another opportunity to do that.”

Flores said “We’re looking for guys who are tough, who are smart, who are competitive, who love to play, who love to practice, who are looking to get better, who want to improve and guys who are team first.”

Flores said having the right attitude combines with talent to make for the best player.

Flores believes that players who don’t have the right attitude will get passed up by guys who work harder.

Flores was asked about DeVanta Smith, the wide receiver from Alabama.

The Heisman Trophy winner is thought of as a great prospect, but some have questioned his size.

On Smith, Flores said, “This guy’s a very very good player... If you’re a good player, you can nitpick all you want about a guy’s size, good players are good players are good players... I think we can see that. This guy’s a very good player. He made a lot of big plays in college. He made a lot of big plays in the big games, biggest games of the year. You can nitpick all day about things on people... It’s been good getting to know him. He’s a good kid too.”

In terms of defense, Flores said, “You’re looking for guys with talent. You’re looking for guys who are good fits within offensive, defensively and kicking game. You’re looking for the right person, for the right people to bring into the locker room.”

The Dolphins head coach said it’s not an exact science picking out players.

Flores said the Dolphins staff spends a lot of time on the fundamentals with all of the players and those vary by position.

The goal is to move the fundamentals through all the difference settings that are available at the Senior Bowl.

Flores said last year’s experience has prepared the teams to get ready for the draft in a virtual environment.

Flores said of the Senior Bowl, “I think this is a great opportunity for us to see the players live, up close. Meet with them, talk to them, get some facetime with them, not with the iPhone... get to know them as players, as people, things that make them tick. We get to coach also which is fun. We’re excited about this week and I think we’ll get a lot out of it.”

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