2 sports in the Paralympics that are not played in the Olympics

These look so awesome!

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The Paralympics have started in Tokyo, and it’s easy to spot sports that are both in Paralympics and Olympics, such as basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, soccer, equestrian and cycling, to name just a few, and with various adaptions.

But to see something completely unique, check out these two sports that are featured in the Paralympics, but not in the Olympics.


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Anyone who is a fan of fast-paced net games should love this sport.

Goalball is an event for visually impaired athletes. Played on a space that is the size of a volleyball court, it involves two teams of three players who try to throw a ball into the other team’s goal.

Each player wears eyeshades to ensure all players have the same level of vision, and the ball contains bells inside, so players can hear it coming as they try to stop it from going into the net.

There isn’t much reaction time, as players come up with creative throwing motions to hurl the ball toward the other team’s goal.

The United States has had a strong program in this event, as the men’s team won silver and the women’s team bronze in Rio five years ago.

To view a video from YouTube on what goalball is, click or tap here.


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Have you ever played bocce ball in the backyard?

That essentially what this event is, but with a little variation.

Originally created for competitors with cerebral palsy, but now played by competitors with a variety of disabilities, the object is to throw the ball as close as possible to a white target ball, called a “jack.” The balls can be moved with hands or feet. There are both team and individual events.

The United States won’t be fielding a team at this year’s Paralympics.

To view a video from YouTube on what Boccia is, click or tap here.

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