Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa believes team is all in with him; calls report about marriage ‘kind of disrespectful’

Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins looks to throw the ball during the second half against the Carolina Panthers at Hard Rock Stadium on November 28, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Eric Espada, 2021 Getty Images)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla, – Tua Tagovailoa wore the Dolphins orange jersey on Wednesday.

That jersey is given to the top performer from the previous day’s practice.

But it was the off-the-field issues from Tuesday that Tagovailoa addressed.

The Dolphins quarterback was asked about the suspension of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for tampering with quarterback Tom Brady and coach Sean Payton.

Tagovailoa said, “Everyone heard about it yeseterday when we went into the locker room, seen it on the TV... I don’t know all the details, I don’t know what happened. I got to talk to a couple of the guys to find out what was going on. Everyone’s wondering the same thing. "

He added, “I remember came in 2020, whatever happened in 2019, I can’t even speak on that so. I was here 2020 and I’m still here and I’m blessed to be here. If it has to do with support from the team? I think the team is all in on me and the guys that we have now.”

There was also a report on Tuesday by radio personality Andy Slater that Tagovailoa was recently married.

The quarterback said, “Yeah it was very special. I don’t know who ended up leaking it but you must have been waiting outside the courthouse for an entire week or something. For me, I like to keep my life as private as possible. That’s what we tried to do with me, my wife, my family. In this world that’s not how it is. It’s almost kind of disrespectful by doing that but it is what it is... Can’t do anything about it. Guys I have a wife... I mean, no girls for me if you will. That’s the perspective. But yeah, same focus the season what we got here in Training Camp.”

On Saturday, Tagovailoa threw a deep ball to Tyreek Hill that went viral.

He said, “I think because people don’t think I can throw the ball far. So, I would say that’s the fasciation. Like wow, he can throw the ball. It’s hard to be in the NFL if you can’t throw the ball.”

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David Lang is executive producer of the Local 10 sports department.