South Florida couple moves wedding time to watch World Cup Final

With millions of fans getting ready to watch the World Cup Final, one couple from (you guessed it) Argentina and France will be celebrating another occasion.

Barbara Chayo and Kevin Abadi are getting married on the same day as the final as if weddings aren’t stressful enough.

Chayo told Local 10 News that when choosing the date, she was unaware of the big event happening or who would be playing in it.

Abadi asked Chayo, “Barbara, you know the world cup is happening?”

“I was like, no,” she said.

The couple pondered what would happen if both teams played in the final but later realized that they spoke it into existence.

The couple said initially the ceremony was planned at the same time as the game, but Kevin urged Barbara to move it to a later time, that is if she wanted anyone to show up.

“I said listen you’re going to be getting married alone, I’m going to be watching that game too,”Abadi said.

Abadi told Local 10′s Amy Viteri that she grew up in the south of France in a town called Marseille, while Kevin was born in Argentina.

Nathan Peres and his wife Melanie Arougueti, also from France and Argentina, are friends that introduced the bride and groom also could not believe that both teams were playing in the final.

“The most important part is just to enjoy the day make the most of it and to enjoy the ride,” Arougueti said.

As for the groom, he’s not nervous at all, about the marriage part anyway.

“I’m very anxious but it’s mostly 95% anxiety about the game and 5% about the wedding,” Abadi said.

“Yeah, but love is above everything-- who cares who cares,” Chayo replied. “You love me that’s all that matters.”

About the Authors:

Ryan Mackey is our newest digital journalist at WPLG. He is New York born and South Florida raised.