Bosh holds twitter Q&A

Bosh opens up to fans

By David Lang - Executive Producer
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MIAMI - Heat star Chris Bosh held a question and answer session on twitter on Thursday night.

Bosh told fans, "people often think I'm mean because I look so serious, but really I'm just focusing because I want to do well."

Bosh encouraged people to learn computer coding because "I see coding as a HUGE part of our future and I want to encourage people to keep learning how to do it."

Bosh revealed that "my 'lucky socks' from the show Jessie are not real.  Kids always ask me where they are."

Bosh said he loves playing against the Knicks because "I love playing at the Garden, the most popular arena in the world!  It's something about playing on Broadway and in the heart of NYC."

Bosh also plans on going global, "I plan on traveling around the world for the rest of my life.  I want to see more of Africa, Europe, Australia, and South America."

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