Chad Johnson sounds off at Dolphins camp

Receiver frankly talks about past, future

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DAVIE, Fla. - Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson held nothing back at a news conference on Wednesday.

Johnson discussed a host of issues, including his poor performance last season in New England.

Johnson said he still has talent: "I"m good.  I'm really good.  Regardless of what happened in the past.  For whatever reason it went like that, I'm moving on.  The odds have been stacked against me since 1978.  I mean I had a bad year finally.  I handled my business for a decade straight, a lot of us tend to forget that."

Johnson was also reflective about his boisterous personality that included unique touchdown celebrations. 

Johnson said: "I was very boisterous.  I was very flamboyant.  I was very outlandish somewhat arrogant, cocky, the way I approached the game of football.  Because I was going to tell you what I was going to do, and then I would go do it.  This is a team game and I played it in sort an individual way, you know.  Having fun, but I get the job done.  So if I have a bad year: He's done, he's washed up."

Johnson says he still believes in his speed: "If you can find someone who can beat me running, let me know.:

Johnson, 34, knows he's not promised a spot on the Dolphins roster.

"I approach this camp as one having to earn a spot.  One having to prove himself again.  Which I shouldn't have to do again," said Johnson. "I was horrible.  I mean 15 catches.  I'm working like a rookie again.  I'm running around, flying around like a young dude.  Working on my one weakness always been blocking."

Johnson is happy to be playing back at home in South Florida: "Being here is awesome and I'm home.  It's good to be home.  I don't have a choice but to succeed.  A lot of eyes watching in general.  Being here, I got to.  Really. Little place called Liberty City, can't fail, not home.

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