Will Manso: Hurricanes season not dead yet

Miami has shot at redemption next weekend in ACC title game

By Will Manso - Sports Director

MIAMI - This isn't going to be a story dedicated to saying Mark Richt made an awful move in benching Malik Rosier for a series at Pitt (he did).

This isn't going to be a story saying Rosier was absolutely terrible the entire game (he was). 

No. This is going to be a story about one simple fact from Friday's disappointing loss for Miami.

They got outplayed. They deserved to lose. End of story.

The offense couldn't run the football, the offensive line struggled throughout the game with the different looks that Pitt showed, and yes, as noted, Rosier was really bad.

He left so many potential big plays on the field that I lost track.

The lack of offense forced the defense to be on the field way too long, and by the fourth quarter, they were gassed.

Oh, and the special teams also played poorly. 

So yes, this was a total team effort in getting beat by a team that entered the game at 4-7.

Now the question becomes, what happens next?  Rosier has shown an amazing ability to bounce back within a game, but this is after a loss. Also, this comes after Richt sat him down for a pivotal series.

I wonder where Rosier's confidence is right now.

Much will be discussed this week on whether UM could still be one of the playoff teams if they get a win over Clemson in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game.

I believe they can be, though losing opens the window for the committee to do something controversial and shut out an ACC champion one-loss team. It could happen.

That'll be fun for the media and fans to discuss, but it's not really something the 'Canes should worry about.

Coming back to beat Clemson following an ugly loss like this should show the country what this team is made of. It would certainly show me.

Miami isn't dead.

The 'Canes are 10-1 and playing for an ACC championship next week against the defending national champions.

Anyone who thinks this is a bad spot to be in either doesn't understand college football or is just too irrational to see what a great season this has been for UM.

Friday was awful. It was ugly. It was painful. But it's also now in the past.

The present and future for Miami is the chance to finish this season strong.

On to Clemson. All of UM's goals are still right there for the taking.

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